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We are 2+ Years in BIM Projects through BIM Implementation, Modelling & Coordination.
Our Professional Teams Provide High Quality of BIM Coordination Within Project Life cycle.
We have Many BIM Success stories with Designer, Consultants, Owners & Contractors.

Our history

We are a small team of young engineers and architects with a genuine delight in AEC technology. We believe that technology enhances our creativity and knowledge. By utilizing the latest computational design tools and BIM system, we provide an innovative yet efficient design solutions to your residential,  commercial and public properties.

Why Choose BIM ?


Ultimate Collaboration

Sharing and collaboration are basics all through the AEC area. However, in the past, collaborative working has often led to a number of problems With projects frequently including different designs, it’s no big surprise that some confusion happens. Presently, in any case, teams can depend upon BIM’s cloud functionality to guarantee a smoother procedure when working cooperatively.


Better visualization

One of the fundamental issues with paper designs—or even 2D plans—is that they neglect encapsulate the entirety of a project. That is, you can’t always imagine the project in a real-world scenario . It’s hence that customers may regularly discover designs disappointing. BIM, by examination, allows you to compile every aspect of a project into one complete design, including detailed floor plans and 3D models.



One of the primary issues in the AEC area is cost. The bad dream situation is for a task to go ahead into the development stage just for site engineer to understand that there’s a conflict in the structure. Regardless of whether it’s a pipe experiencing a divider or some other issue, one thing’s without a doubt: it’s going to be extremely costly to stall construction to “edit” the design. With BIM,however, you can automate clash detection. This implies you can recognize conflicts right off the bat before you move onto building your structure. As such, you rarely have to deal with on-site clashes.


Better coordination

With BIM’s cooperation abilities, you can remain updated on even the smallest change. You never again need to stress over a portion of your teammates not monitoring a change you’ve made in a draft. Everyone involved in a project—from the modelers to the construction managers—stays updated on even the littlest change in the building plan. This makes coordination and the management far easier than with traditional design methods.


Supports energy efficiency

Utilizing BIM as a vital part of design implies that you can integrate sustainability into your design procedure. Under conventional design and construction processes, you’d need to do environmental analyses after the design was finished.If any issues arose, it would be both costly and problematic. BIM, by comparison, enables clients to create early-stage environmental analyses. You can explore aspects like building orientation, energy use and daylight.


Improved productivity

With regards to working in the AEC part, time is of the essence. If you mess up a stage in a building’s lifecycle, you wind up setting back the whole project. With BIM,however, you’re not spending as long on projects, on the grounds that everything can be arranged in such a concise manner. When you’re using BIM, each object in your design is normally associated with a database. Each change you make to one part of a model will therefore be made to different models.

How can you benefit from Outsourcing?

The biggest outsourcing advantage is a considerable reduction in capital expenditure overheads and other recurring expenses. 

  • No more sudden surges and overburdened staff.
  • We could handle more projects.
  • Free up time and resources for your productivity.
  • You could invest your time in the strategic component of the business and focus resources on more profitable activities. 
  • Time zone advantage means the ability to work around the clock.
  • When your team went home,our team started their day.
  • Outsourcing help you scale up your capacity to implement more projects without any extra investment. 
  • Train and invest in your design  staffs.

Outsourcing gave us access to talent that may be too expensive,too specialized,or simply unavailable in our country.

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